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University of the Virgin Islands Annual Basketball Bush League.

BY: Jeremiah Harrison

ST.THOMAS — The faint echo of balls bouncing on the court is heard over the chatter of players as teams warm up in the gym at the University of the Virgin Islands “Annual Basketball Bush League.”  Players gather from all communities of the island in hopes of enjoying the game of basketball.

UVI’s Basketball Bush League was started by a young man named Jedd, whose purpose to begin the league was as he put it “Just for something to do.”   Even if it started as simply as that, it is now on its second year and is creating a good buzz for young adults on island. Continue reading University of the Virgin Islands Annual Basketball Bush League.

USVI/BVI Friendship Day

By Symra Hendrickson

ST.THOMAS — Gov. John deJongh Jr. rolled out the red carpet this year to welcome the BVI delegates for the 41st USVI/BVI Friendship Day.

USVI/BVI Friendship Day is an opportunity for Virgin Islanders to reflect on the close ties that bind the two territories together. It was designed to strengthen and build upon the bond of friendship, history and shared cultures of the Virgin Islands. The theme of this year’s Friendship Day was “Ole Tyme Tings – Celebrating the Ties that Bind Us!” When the Friendship Committee said “Ole Tyme” they really meant it. There were Long Johns, local passion fruity and peanut punches and mini pineapple tarts. There were also coal pot demonstrations. Continue reading USVI/BVI Friendship Day

Raised Lab Fee, Good or Bad?

With poor lab equipment, students question whether recent lab fee increase was best move.


ST. THOMAS – On the University of the Virgin Islands St Thomas campus, students were left puzzled by the abrupt rise in their lab fee during the fall 2013 semester.

Students were sent an email in the middle of the fall 2013 semester indicating that they must pay the difference of $100  immediately, or their accounts would be subject to a hold. Continue reading Raised Lab Fee, Good or Bad?

Five ladies vying for Miss University of the Virgin Islands 2014

Five Ladies Vying for Miss University of the Virgin Islands 2014


ST. THOMAS- February marked the start of pageant season on the island of St. Thomas and it also marked the beginning of a voyage of five young women yearning to become the next Miss University of the Virgin Islands.

On Sunday,  Feb. 2, five young women officially became contestants in this year’s Ambassadorial Competition.

Each year, the Queen’s Committees on both campuses work diligently to host  a show for the Virgin Island’s community. This year’s competition will be held at the Reichhold Center for the Arts on April 12.

Annually, the Miss UVI Competition awards the winner with a grand prize of free tuition and room and board, which can range anywhere between $12,000-$20,000. In addition, the winner receives  an all-expense-paid trip to participate in the Miss Historically Black College and University Pageant Competition in Atlanta, Georgia. The first runner-up in the Miss UVI competition will also receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Contestants will receive others prizes for the highest scores  in the various segments: Business Wear, International Wear, Talent, Evening Wear and Best Intellect.

This year, both committees promise a show like no other. Recognizing the university’s motto of being “globally interactive,” an international wear segment has been added.

Each contestant this year brings something unique to the table, representing various islands in the Caribbean.

Contestant No. 1, Kimberly Donovan, from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, is a 21-year-old senior majoring in elementary education and English.

Contestant No. 2, is 20-year-old Elisa Thomas, a junior communication student. Thomas is a former Virgin Islands Carnival Queen.

Contestant No. 3, Shanice Wilson, is the only contestant from the St. Croix campus. Wilson is a 23-year old business administration major with a concentration in marketing.

Contestant No. 4, Sherisia Gumbs, is a 19-year-old sophomore, majoring in applied mathematics. Gumbs is also a St.Croix native.

Contestant No. 5, from Dominica, is 20-year-old Nichole Ettienne, a computer science major with a concentration in computational biology.

Miss UVI Contestants pose after the contract signing with Shania Shervington, chairperson of the Queen’s Committee on the St. Thomas campus.
(From Left to Right: Kimberly Donovan, Elisa Thomas, Shanice Wilson, Shania Shervington, Sherisia Gumbs, and Nichole Ettienne)
Photo Credit: Felicia Emmanuel

As she addressed the contestants and instructed them to sign their contracts, Miss UVI 2013-2014, Murchtricia Charles, reminded the contestants that this competition is deemed one of the most difficult pageants in the Virgin Islands. She described her experience with Miss UVI as a challenging one, often skeptical of the outcome.

“I remember attending a mock interview last year at the Queen’s Retreat and after the interviews were completed, the other contestants and I were told by the judges that if they were to choose a Miss UVI tonight they would choose none of us,” Charles said. “That night we went back to our rooms and cried in each other’s arms.”

Of the eight pageants she competed in, Charles  has captured two other titles along with Miss UVI. Prior to migrating to St. Thomas to further her studies, Charles captured the titles of Miss John H. Woodson Jr. High School and Miss Central High School, both on St. Croix.

“It’s half about winning and half about the experience,” Charles said. “Win or lose, you are expected to use the skills you gain from Miss UVI and from Miss HBCU to better your school, yourself and your community.”

Like members of the UVI community, the committee expressed their excitement and anticipation of what the contestants will bring to the stage in this year’s competition.

“We have five lovely contestants and I would like to wish each one of them the best of luck,” said Robert Chen, faculty advisor of the Queens Committee.

Also in attendance was Student Activities Supervisor Leon Lafond. Lafond served as an advisor to Charles last year when she competed in the Miss HBCU pageant.

Miss UVI Contestants pose with gift bags received from the Queen’s Committee at the contract signing. (From Left to Right: Kimberly Donovan, Elisa Thomas, Shanice Wilson, Sherisia Gumbs, and Nichole Ettienne) Photo Credit: Felicia Emmanuel
Miss UVI Contestants pose with gift bags received from the Queen’s Committee at the contract signing. (From Left to Right: Kimberly Donovan, Elisa Thomas, Shanice Wilson, Sherisia Gumbs, and Nichole Ettienne)
Photo Credit: Felicia Emmanuel

“It’s been a pleasure working with Ms. Charles,” said Lafond, “and I am looking forward to seeing what the girls put forth.”

False Alarm



 ST.THOMAS- High-pitched sounds from a fire alarm abruptly woke on-campus residents of the North, Middle and Middle Annex dormitories on several occasions the mornings of Nov. 2 and Nov. 3.

The old fire alarm system was prompted by the heavy rain that triggered the alarms due to dust.

Resident assistants, or RAs, went to every dorm to alert their residents, but many students did not follow procedures and never exited the dormitories.

“The old fire systems are a hazard to the on campus students,” Amanda Bannis, a senior biology major, said. “The alarm goes off so frequently that most residents assume it’s not a drill or a real fire and stay in their rooms. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf.”

Many on-campus residents were upset when RAs scrutinized residents for not taking precautions and evacuating the dormitories.

“It is in the resident contract to evacuate anytime the alarm goes off,” one resident assistant said. “The Student Housing Department just needs to replace the fire alarm systems in North and Middle with brand new alarms.”

 “Even as a resident assistant I don’t know if Student Housing is budgeting funds to replace the old ones,” the RA said.

Some students also work during the weekends. There were many residents who were concerned about the frequent alarms because it interrupted their rest.

 “It was an inconvenience to be woken up three times in one hour,” Sharifah Matthew, a resident of middle dormitories said. “I work very early on the weekend and have a full schedule of classes during the week. It’s irritating when my sleep is interrupted for no reason.”

 Student Housing representative and RA, Lesa Royer confirmed that Student Housing has taken action and will be having someone assess the issue with the fire alarm system during the Christmas break.