Mapp Praises Virgin Islands Veterans

Corliss Smithen |

ST. THOMAS – Veterans living in the Territory were honored for their contribution to the nation during a ceremony at Roosevelt Park to mark Veterans’ Day on Friday.

Veterans and their families; government officials, including Gov. Kenneth Mapp, Deputy Gov. Osbert Potter and senators; and uniformed groups from the high schools and other youth organizations were present at the ceremony, which was preceded by a parade through the streets of downtown Charlotte Amalie.

In his speech, Mapp thanked the veterans for their service to the country.

“I want to say today to all of our veterans, thank you for your service. We understand, respect and honor your sacrifices,” Mapp said.

He said the freedoms and democracy Americans enjoy – as evidenced in the recently-concluded presidential elections – was largely due to the efforts of veterans.

“Our place as a beacon of democracy on the world stage is intact… Many of our veterans and many of the members of our armed forces have gone to hostile points to fight so other can enjoy a semblance of freedom and democracy in their land,” Mapp said. Continue reading Mapp Praises Virgin Islands Veterans