Spring 2015 Staff

Arige Shrouf, Managing Editor


Arige Shrouf is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing.  After she graduates this spring, she plans to attend graduate school where she hopes to earn a Master’s in Publishing and Writing. Her dream is to be a book editor so she can play a part in bringing amazing books into people’s lives. This is her second semester as the managing editor of the UVI Voice and it continues to be a worthwhile and exciting learning experience.

Markida Scotland, News Editor/ Web Editor


Markida Scotland is a Mass Communications Major at the University of the Virgin Islands. After an internship at the St. Croix Avis, Journalism became her primary focus. She was a host and producer of a radio show hosted by students of the UVI St. Croix campus: College Voices Unzipped. It was here that she discovered that broadcast journalism is where her dreams reside. Scotland was the assistant editor, Web editor and Vice President of the University’s Newspaper, The UVI Voice and an Intern at CBS News TV 2. Currently she still works with the UVI Voice and is a reporter at the St. Croix Source. Her dream is to become an Anchor Woman or Host her own Talk Show.

Felicia Emmanuel, Copy Editor


Felicia Emmanuel is a 22-year-old senior currently pursuing a Communications degree. This is her third semester serving as copy editor to the UVI Voice and she counts it a pleasure to work in this capacity. Aside from editing, she enjoys writing. Writing is a skill which she not only uses to convey her thoughts, but also to craft her stories. Apart from her academic life, she performs with her campus choir, the Voices of Inspiration Community Choir.

Karine Cox, Outreach Director – St. Croix


Karine Cox is a senior Communications major at the University of the Virgin Islands. She grew up in St. Lucia and then came to US Virgin Islands, St. Croix to further her education. She is a member of the Golden Key Honor Society and Sisters with a Purpose at UVI. Currently, she works at the Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural Center and also as a student engineer at WUVI AM 1090 radio station and as the Outreach Director for UVI Voice. As a Communication major and soon to be a graduate, she is looking for opportunities to work with any business and government affiliation as a Public Relations Specialist.

Kiana John-Baptiste, Entertainment Editor – St. Thomas


Kiana John-Baptiste is 19 years old. She was born and raised on St. Croix, but attends UVI in St. Thomas. Ultimately, she wants to be the head magazine editor for the Essence Magazine. She is a communications major, with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys writing poetry, swimming, playing the flute, and reading. During high school, and her summers in college, she works at Jackie’s Beauty Supply. She also has volunteered at the St. Croix Rescue Academy and The Red Cross. Currently, she is an active part of the Hospitality Club. She plans to graduate from the University of the Virgin Islands in 2017.

Monae Clarke, Outreach Director – St. Thomas


Monae is a Communications Major at the University of the Virgin Islands and is currently the Outreach Director for the UVI VOICE. In the past, she has had the pleasure of editing and filming movies with the Youth Movie-making Workshop at the Reichhold Center for the Arts. Like most 21 year old’s, she is in love with this digital age and plans to create her own V-log soon. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing poetry in her spare time.

Corliss Smithen, Reporter

Corliss has a passion for journalism. She has worked as a journalist for more than a decade.  Her career began in her native St. Kitts, working as a news reporter at the state-owned media entity, ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation from 1998 to 2003.  She left and joined the staff at SUN St. Kitts-Nevis, which, at the time, was the only daily newspaper in the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis.  After a four-year stint, she migrated to the Virgin Islands in 2007.  A year later, she landed a job at the Virgin Islands Daily News, where she worked as a journalist on the cops/crime/court beat.  During the three years she worked at the Daily News, she covered a number of trials, both in the Superior Court and the District Court.

David Gumbs, Reporter/ Photographer

David B. Gumbs is a Twenty-something year old student of the University of the Virgin Islands, as well as a noted Man of the World and, some would even dare say, a “modern day Philosopher-King and Voice of a Generation.” In the past, he has held many various positions of employment, such as Intern Archeologist, Office Clerk and U.S. Navy Sailor, many of which took him across the the world towards foreign and exciting locales such as crumbling, ancient ruins of a Danish Great House in St. Croix to  the dusty streets of Tijuana, Mexico, to the deadly sands of Afghanistan. When he isn’t writing stories, local news articles, or producing personal works of art, he can usually be found traveling abroad or engaging his bouts of Urban Exploration. He owns two cats and one dog, and is an avid animal lover and overall fan of nature.

Tawanna Abraham, Reporter/ Photographer

tawannaTawanna Abraham is a student of the University of the Virgin Islands. She is a junior perusing a degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. This a her first year being a part of the UVI Voice. This semester, she holds the position of reporter, which she is extremely excited about. She is also a part of the WUVI am 1090 radio station.

Patrice Harris, Reporter

patricePatrice is a 22-year-old Communication major at the UVI. She is also perusing a minor in English. Prior to her enrollment at UVI, she attained an associated degree at the Clarence Fitzroy Byrant College where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She loves to challenge her physical, educational and social boundaries. As such, she decided to pursue a minor in English. This minor will enhance her writing skills and make her more marketable as a communications practitioner.  Although she has only been in Communication and the media for a short time in addition to her on air experience, she is proficient in Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro and Cool Edit Pro.It is her dream to open her own Communication Consultancy firm where she provides communication related services. Currently she trains contestants for pageants in Speech Development and Interviews. She has also hosted her own leadership workshop and conducted different training sessions.


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