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Graduating student satisfied with UVI experience

Che-Raina D. Warner |

ST. THOMAS, VI- Forecasting an imminent graduation season at the end of this semester, UVI students are proud to have weathered the storm.

From ensuring that they have undertaken all their required courses to working feverishly to ensure all passes, trailing their academic advisers to seek advice for a smooth transition from university life to their career path, seniors are experiencing a nerve-wracking yet thrilling semester.

In speaking with Tayla-Marie Manners, a senior accounting major, she said that upon the heels of graduation she feels quite accomplished.

“Through the multiplicity and variation in academic programs, I can say UVI has molded me into a well-rounded individual,” Manner said. She added that although she is an accounting major, given the opportunity to enroll in science and foreign language classes have helped to make her a very marketable graduate. Continue reading Graduating student satisfied with UVI experience

Homeless in paradise

Many are without a home in paradise


ST. THOMAS – Take a drive through downtown Charlotte Amalie and you’ll be amazed by the numerous historical monuments you’ll find within feet of each other. What is not so amazing are the vagrants that call these landmarks home.

For years the Emancipation Garden and the Fort Christian grounds have been home to homeless people in St. Thomas.

Today about 20 persons can be found there daily, with what little belongings they own in plastic bags, sleeping on concrete floor of the gazebo in the garden or on the grass adjacent to the fort.

Not many see that as a bad thing though. Continue reading Homeless in paradise

CROSSING THE FINISH LINE: On the track and in the classroom

For UVI student Jared Hanley, keeping his grades up is as equally important as training for track meets.


ST. THOMAS — Rain or shine, if you’re ever near the University of the Virgin Islands, be sure to take a glimpse at the field located near the entrance of the university and you most definitely will find 18-year-old Jared Hanley practicing for his next meet.

While most Virgin Islands’ men his age seem to stray from the idea of going to school past high school, for him attending college was not an option.

Keeping the words of his late father in mind, Hanley has his eyes set on Columbia University after completing his three years at UVI. Continue reading CROSSING THE FINISH LINE: On the track and in the classroom

University Enforces New Parking System

As UVI enforces new parking system, students and faculty adjust to plan


ST. THOMAS- As the spring semester ends, many students and faculty members were adjusting to the parking plan that was approved in June of 2013 by the University of the Virgin Islands Board of Trustees.

The UVI Parking Advisory Committee (UPAC) was asked by UVI President David Hall  to create a comprehensive parking plan. The committee is comprised of members from security, campus operations, student affairs, human resources, faculty, staff and students. Continue reading University Enforces New Parking System

Raised Lab Fee, Good or Bad?

With poor lab equipment, students question whether recent lab fee increase was best move.


ST. THOMAS – On the University of the Virgin Islands St Thomas campus, students were left puzzled by the abrupt rise in their lab fee during the fall 2013 semester.

Students were sent an email in the middle of the fall 2013 semester indicating that they must pay the difference of $100  immediately, or their accounts would be subject to a hold. Continue reading Raised Lab Fee, Good or Bad?