Graduating student satisfied with UVI experience

Che-Raina D. Warner |

ST. THOMAS, VI- Forecasting an imminent graduation season at the end of this semester, UVI students are proud to have weathered the storm.

From ensuring that they have undertaken all their required courses to working feverishly to ensure all passes, trailing their academic advisers to seek advice for a smooth transition from university life to their career path, seniors are experiencing a nerve-wracking yet thrilling semester.

In speaking with Tayla-Marie Manners, a senior accounting major, she said that upon the heels of graduation she feels quite accomplished.

“Through the multiplicity and variation in academic programs, I can say UVI has molded me into a well-rounded individual,” Manner said. She added that although she is an accounting major, given the opportunity to enroll in science and foreign language classes have helped to make her a very marketable graduate.

She further stated that she is quite satisfied with the lasting impact of her involvement in extra-curricular activities and student organizations on campus.

“Having been an active member of Rotaract has transformed me into a selfless individual and helped me to develop a passion for helping others,” Manners said.

Additionally, as a resident student and student employee, Manners believes that she has forged formidable and lasting bonds. She said she is grateful for the distinct opportunity to be employed as a learning assistant at the Center for Student Success.

“This experience has allowed me to discover potential that I did not identify in myself as I strive to turn Fs into As,” she told us.

Manners is excited about the prospects of launching into her career and eagerly looks forward to her graduation day.

The University of The Virgin Islands St. Thomas campus commencement ceremony is slated for May 12. Commencement provides graduating students and invited guests the opportunity to celebrate this special milestone. Students graduating in the fall and spring semesters take part in commencement, but participation is not required in order to graduate.


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