Volunteers repaint the kiosk information center as part of Pride Week activities.

Olinger Augustin |

ST. CROIX – Students, faculty, and staff met on Monday, March 28 to provide a day of service on the Albert A. Sheen campus by sprucing up the kiosk information center.

As part of the university’s annual Pride Week, the UVI community gathered to provide community service on the campus itself.

Student Activities’ Hedda Finch-Simpson noted, “Often times we tend to go off campus to provide community service, but this time we decided to bring it to the actual campus to get students excited about school pride.”

As the area slowly transformed with paint and a determined bunch, a bond within the volunteers developed while their common goal got accomplished, exhibiting pride in their act of community service.

Senior Augustus Laurencin commented on his act of community service.  “This humbling experience makes me feel proud to be a part of an initiative to help make the campus look better, and as a senior I feel obligated to do something before I leave.”




Housing Director Trudi Golphin joyfully repaints an important part of the university’s landmark.

The Pride Day of Service is just one of the many festivities the university practices as part of Pride Week.


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