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R. City Visits WUVI, Campus Radio Station

Featured Image: Theron and Timothy Thomas pose with UVI students outside of the WUVI campus radio station. (Photo courtesy of Shahim Skeete)

Nathalie Trow-McDonald |

St. Thomas native born performing artists, R. City, participated in an interview yesterday at WUVI, the student-run radio station at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Brothers, Timothy and Theron, spent about half an hour being interviewed by Shahim “Jay” Skeete, WUVI Production Manager, and D’Ajahni Estrada-Petersen, WUVI Public Relations Manager.

R. City has a history of supporting the local student radio station. They have participated in live interviews before as well as their father and producer, Kiebo Thomas.

The artists are currently on break from touring with Maroon 5 and returned home to be the first to receive the keys to the territory from Governor Kenneth Mapp. Not only did they receive the keys, but September 27, 2016, was announced as official R. City Day to commemorate their many accomplishments in the music industry and for serving as both role models and goodwill ambassadors for the territory

During the live interview, several UVI students who were present to meet the local stars were sharing the interview through Facebook Live. The brothers addressed callers to the station and the Facebook viewership to answer questions such as: “When will you return to Dallas?” or “Would you rather have [student] housing be renamed after you or keep the key [to the territory]?” Continue reading R. City Visits WUVI, Campus Radio Station

Inside the Pageantry Life with Miss Virgin Islands 2013

Inside the Pageantry Life with Miss Virgin Islands

Rokeyah Connor |

ST. CROIX- Competing in pageants since the tender age of 10, Ashley Massiah, Miss Virgin Islands 2013, is seen as a force to be reckoned with.

A member of St. Croix majorettes, a coach for the St. Croix Educational Complex majorettes, former dancer for Cruzan Dance, and a member of the Freedensthal Moravian Steel Orchestra, this young lady appears to be very well rounded.

Due to her very strong passion for helping the territory with its violence problem, Massiah’s slogan when running for Miss.Virgin Islands was “Breaking the silence of violence, addressing the violence in our community.”

The 22-year-old University of the Virgin Islands student sat down to discuss her latest pageant. Massiah competed against four other girls for the title of Miss America Virgin Islands 2013 and won. She then went on to compete for the title of Miss America 2013-2014. Although her talents consisted of baton twirling and point dancing live on stage in front of millions of viewers, she did not place in the national competition. However, she was delighted to share her wonderful experience.

Q: Tell me about your experience going to Miss America.

A: My experience for Miss America right now is that it was so much to take in I am still trying to remember everything, But it was a wonderful experience. I got to meet 52 beautiful young ladies; I was the 53rd.

I got to spend time with them in Disney World Orlando, Florida, we had fun and roamed the park. This year’s Miss America was “Welcome back to Atlantic City.” It didn’t feel like you were there for a pageant, the people where very welcoming and the staff for Miss America is amazing.

Miss Virgin Islands 2013 at the Miss America Pageant - Photo Credit: Ashley Massiah FB Page
Miss Virgin Islands 2013 at the Miss America Pageant – Photo Credit: Ashley Massiah FB Page

Q: Any girls in particular that you keep in contact with?

A: Umm I love Miss DC and I love Miss Hawaii. Miss DC’s name is Bindhu Pamarthi and Miss Hawaii is Crystal Lee. We actually had two Crystal Lee’s Miss Hawaii and Miss California, they are both amazing, and they were both my room-mates.

Q: What is the one thing you don’t like to do during pageants?

A: Interviews. I hate Interviews because you never know what they are going to ask you. So sometimes it’s like you don’t want to be asked a question you cannot answer. Then again I have to remember that there is no wrong answer to the questions because it is my opinion. But when running for shows like Miss America it is best to remain neutral on the questions asked so you don’t offend anyone.

Massiah was asked about the KFC comment that she had been ostracised about. Massiah went into a very long explanation but in short she said that she wished people understood that the show is telecast and sometimes what is heard on our television sets may not be what she said.

She wanted to make sure people knew that the question asked was “what will you eat when you go back to your hotel room?” She said that one of the only things in the area was KFC and that was why she said she would be eating KFC when she when to back to her room.

Q: Do you see yourself running for any pageants again in the near future?

A: Currently I am taking a break but I often say that and jump right back into it. I would love to run for Miss USA, I don’t see something wrong in that, but hopefully.

Q: Okay time to get personal! Is Miss Virgin Islands dating anybody?

A: Yes she is!

Q: If you had a daughter would you want her to be in pageants?

A: I would never force her but I would support her if she wanted to compete. On the other hand if she wanted to do sports I would back her in that as well.

Other questions asked were about the pressures of being in a pageant and if she felt that pageants portrayed a negative body image in women.”Once again it depends on the type of pageant that I am running for,” Massiah said. “Miss America is about intellect and not so much the physical appearance. Although I was the thickest one in the pageant that always reminded me that I am beautiful. They say what matters is your inner beauty.”