Role Models

 Some good, Some Bad, All Influential


ST.CROIX – The actions of our children can be influenced by the environment in which they were raised. If they were raised in an unstable, unsafe environment, they are prone to be suspicious, angry, and even violent.

A role model, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is someone who another person admires and tries to emulate. A role model can influence impressionable youth to do right or wrong in their lives. Continue reading Role Models

Spring Olympics Canceled

After facing setbacks, the Sports Committee postpones the Spring Olympics


ST. CROIX – University of the Virgin Islands’ Student Activities Supervisor Hedda Finch-Simpson recently announced that this year’s Spring Olympics was pushed back to April 25.

Though the annual event was previously scheduled for March 21, the St.Croix Sports Committee had multiple issues that caused the event to be postponed.

“The main reason for the event being pushed back is due to a conflict in other university activities on both St.Croix and St.Thomas,” Finch-Simpson said. Continue reading Spring Olympics Canceled

Buccaneers Male Basketball Team

UVI’s male basketball team let down fans and coaches with a 10-game losing streak in the 2014 basketball season


ST. THOMAS- School spirit remains low as the University of the Virgin Islands’ male basketball team ended the season losing all of the 10 games played.

With a team of only eight players, the Bucs faced many struggles this season that may have contributed to the 10-game losing streak, disappointing fans, coaches and the university community.

Due to many last years’ team being no longer qualified to take part in the Inter-university  Athletic League, coaches recruited as many  as 25 potential athletes during the summer and fall semesters. Continue reading Buccaneers Male Basketball Team