Gearing up for Spring Olympics

2014 University of the Virgin Islands Spring Olympics

Augustus Laurencin Jr.|

ST.CROIX – March is fast approaching, and this means it’s time to gear up for this year’s University of the Virgin Islands Spring Olympics.

The annual event, previously set for March 21-23, has been rescheduled for April 26 with the St. Thomas athletes arriving to St Croix.

The sports committee will hold  a briefing of the rules and standards of all the sports.

The purpose of the games is to generate friendly competition as well as bragging rights between UVI’s St. Croix and St. Thomas campuses.

Students competing in past Spring olympics the swimming event
Students competed in S. Thomas  last spring for the swimming event.

Students from both campuses will unite to compete in a total of 15 games, 14 of which were chosen by St.Croix and one by St.Thomas. The school receiving the most trophies and medals in all events will receive an overall trophy.

Sports committee members from both campuses selected the games. The event will feature physical tests, volleyball, a dance off, basketball, track and field, tennis, kickball, football,a  juggle off, dominoes, ping pong, swimming, beach soccer, and billiards.

“Soccer, swimming, dominoes, and possibly volleyball will be held on the beach,” St. Croix Sports Committee Chairperson Gilbert Roberts said.

Students will be selected based on their skill level of the sport as well as their abilities to contribute to the team.

“Last year St. Croix won tennis, softball, ping-pong, cycling and the obstacle course,” Roberts said. “Basketball had a nail biting finish in last year’s Spring Olympics which left the St. Croix campus bitter from the loss.”

St. Thomas and St. Croix play against each other in flag football.
St. Thomas and St. Croix play against each other in flag football.

St. Thomas won more events in the last olympics and this won them the overall competition.

“This defeat has left a bad taste in the mouths of many St. Croix students who traveled to St. Thomas last year,” Rogerts said. “We are eager to protect home court and avenge last year’s loss. ‘Many students are eager to promote awareness of the event by hanging a banner to advertise the event.’

Anticipation, which is not only felt by the students, but also by the committee.

“The committee is excited about the event and hope it promotes unity between the students on both campuses as well as the competition,” Roberts said.

For more  information about the Spring Olympics, individuals can contact Chairpersons Gilbert Roberts and Shanah Bannis, or Student Activities Advisor Hedda Finch-Simpson .

3 thoughts on “Gearing up for Spring Olympics”

  1. This is an informative and interesting piece about the Spring Olympics. I can especially appreciate the Crucian pride of wanting to bring a win home.The pictures depicting the activities within are well-done and fit the article well.


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