Home Invasions Welcome Here


ST. CROIX – Welcome to the beautiful island of St. Croix.  There are turquoise waters, tranquil beaches—and rampant, home invasions. With theft on the rise, a small police force and a lax government, sooner or later, residents should prepare themselves for more home invasions. Should the crime occur, most hope intruders will enter when they are not at home, but some residents are not that lucky.

This past November, a couple in Beeston Hill awoke to three gun-wielding men in their home. According to an article in the Virgin Islands Daily News, the three suspects demanded money from the male homeowner, while the female resident had the presence of mind to call 911 and leave the call connected so dispatchers could hear what was happening in the home.

To D or not to D


ST. CROIX – While some students are shooting for the stars academically at the University of the Virgin Islands, some are okay with their feet barely off the ground.

Whether or not a “D” should be a passing grade continues to be a contentious subject matter in the university community.

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