Members of the St. Kitts-Nevis Student Association graciously represent their table as they educate attendees about their organization and culture.

Olinger Augustin |

ST. CROIX – Community clubs and organizations gathered in hopes to Inspire by Example on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Hosted by the campus’ Student Activities and Counseling/Career Services, UVI held the first annual Civic Service Fair themed “Inspire by Example.” The purpose of the fair was to give UVI students the chance to see what the businesses of the Virgin Islands have to offer in terms of community service.

Alongside various campus organizations, including The Substance Abuse and HIV Prevention Program Peer Educators, The St. Kitts/Nevis Student Association, Golden Key International Honor Society and The STX Residence Hall, were off-campus community organizations. These were American Red Cross, Yvonne Galiber Breast Cancer Foundation, AARP, Lutheran Social Services, The St. Croix Environmental Association and others, all to assist in educating the students.

A brand new organization, ONE LOVE, was represented by member Jude Ramirez.

“Our goal today is to just recruit more members into our group and allies to join us. Right now we have 12 members and two allies and we’re just looking to get more people into the group,” Ramirez said. ONE LOVE provides a safe haven for its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members and non-members.

Residence hall representatives used the fair as a way to advertise all the advantages there are to living on campus. Alternative Resident Assistant Janelle Edwards spoke on the importance of their appearance at the fair.

“We are trying to make the appearance more appealing to up and coming college students and transit students, and basically expressing what res life is all about,” Edwards commented.

The Civic Service Fair was the first of many annual fairs to come, according to organizers.


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