Talented Students Galore at UVI MIX


ST.CROIX — Musicians, magicians, and several other performances created a melting pot of talents Thursday night on the University of the Virgin Islands’ Albert A. Sheen Campus.

The student government association hosted a free event called “UVI Mix” in order to welcome the UVI community for the new semester.

“We also wanted to give the students an opportunity to present their talents,” Janell Royer, Student Government Vice President, said. “It’s a free event with free food, drinks, and no drama.”

Although late to start and a few minor mishaps, the event—which was held near the cafeteria—kept a pleasant atmosphere from start to end.

Students and visitors looks on at performances during UVI Mix event
Students and visitors looks on at performances during UVI Mix event

According to Felecia Hanley, a sophomore in the school of business, something about the event struck her as “different.”

“This event seemed more inviting. Everyone at UVI with Talent gets a chance to express themselves and that’s nice,” Hanley said.

Magician Johnny Daemon at the UVI Mix
Magician Johnny Daemon at the UVI Mix

Hosted by Kareem Eugene, also known as “Mr. Bash,” the line-up gave context to the name “UVI Mix.” Musicians included: DJ IQ, the Tenshaun Band, Lance “Daddy D” Greenway, Blackest, Jahmani Johnson and BMR which included KM1, Omi-D, and Baby Muzik. The line-up for rappers were: Cheddi “Wap Wap” Rogers Jr., Johnathon Coston,Dem Rude Boyz, Kalunda, and Elmo. Other performances included: Cody Cook, acrobatics by Antonio Cruz, and a magic show by Johnny Daemon.

Daemon performed on the campus back in 2010 and currently performs at three resorts on Island: Carambola Beach Resort, the Buccaneer, and the Palms at Pelican Cove. A six-year-veteran in his art, Daemon wowed the crowd by selecting three words from three different individuals from a sealed box. Cheddi Rogers, also known as “Wap WAp” and one of the word providers, still does not believe it.

One performer was a jack of all trades. For him, it’s all about constant motion. Antonio Cruz, Dental assistant by day, free running, modeling, parkour doing, actor and tattoo artist by night, lives by the code “A body in motion stays in motion.”

“I never want to stop moving,” Cruz added.

From the musician’s standpoint, Greenway’s reason for accepting the invitation to perform was all about the music. “We’re letting the people know that carnival ain done yet,” Greenway said. But it wasn’t just about the music either. “Education is key, coming together and music. It all goes around,” Greenway said.

Antonio Cruz performing on his wheel
Antonio Cruz performing on his wheel

During the first three days of the spring semester, a decline was noticed in the presence of students on campus that left student government president, Sophia Johnson, wondering “Why was UVI so empty?” However, Thursday night’s turnout of over 50 people—visitors and students alike—showed that with the right motivation, students will come.

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