President Dr. Hall and Dr. Simon Jones-Hendrickson

UVI hosts 41st Annual Service Awards

MARKIDA SCOTLAND | ST. CROIX — The University of the Virgin Islands “celebrated their employees with high esteem for 2015″ on Tuesday, April 14, at the 41st annual service awards on the Albert A. Sheen Campus. 30 employees were awarded for their outstanding service and dedication to the university, with honors from employee of the…

Flyers of Board of Trustees candidates, Hakim Potter and Devon Williams, are posted in several locations on the Albert A. Sheen campus. 
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Two students Vie for Board of Trustee Seat

FELICIA EMMANUEL | ST.CROIX – Two St. Thomas students, each vying for this year’s position as student representative to the University of the Virgin Islands’ Board of Trustees presented their platforms on Monday, April 13, in the Cafetorium. The position which alternates between the St. Thomas and St.Croix campuses, allows the elected individual to act…

ST. THOMAS, V.I. – Campaign for Student Government Association positions has reached fever pitch in recent days.
	With barely one week left before poll day, candidates vying for seats on the SGA are pulling out all the stops to distinguish themselves from their rivals.  Seven positions are up for grabs – president, vice president, sophomore senator, junior senator, senior senator, treasurer, and student representative to the Board of Trustees.  
	Three candidates – Marvin Shelford, Yohance Martin, and Ish-Shawnnn Halbert – have thrown their hats in the ring for the SGA presidential seat.  
With his campaign slogan being “Your Choice Your Change,” Shelford is promising that once elected, he will improve the UVI shuttle transportation system to make it more reliable and less congested; actively advocate for the improvement of campus surveillance and security; increase on-campus and off-campus activities and entertainment; coordinate an effective and efficient grievance committee to defend the rights of students; lobby against the inflation of students’ tuition and institutional fees; actively advocate for profitable ventures and opportunities for students, such as on-campus jobs and scholarships; and enhance the overall academic, recreational, and sanitary conditions at UVI. 
Martin’s aim, according to his catchphrase, is “To Satisfy the People.”
If given the mandate, Halbert will ensure “better cafeteria conditions, learning assistance, new and diverse activities, renovations and additions, and policy updates and outreach programs,” according to his campaign poster.  
Deeno Cumberbatch, Cashkim Bussue, and Cody Richardson, who is Martin’s running mate, have their eyes on the vice presidency.
“Change is a must not an option” is Bussue’s rallying cry.  He is assuring students that a vote for him is a vote for “re-evaluated parking system; improved health system/insurance; employment opportunities for international students; and revived campus life.”
The position of SGA Treasurer is being sought after by Tonya Greene and Denaesha Phipps.
Greene has taken to social media to boost her campaign and according to her Facebook page, her number one focus “would be the financial and economic concern of the student body.”  As SGA Treasurer, Greene will “lobby for fair and equal disbursement of funds to all registered clubs, organizations and associations; actively advocate for profitable ventures for the benefit of the SGA and student population; coordinate financial seminars to educate and encourage students on the best practices for savings and wise money management; encourage clubs to collaborate with other clubs on events to help share the financial burdens of organizing events; have monthly financial reporting for transparency; and ensure the proper and accurate record keeping of the SGA.”
Phipps is simply urging students to “Make A Vote That Counts.”
Contestants vying for SGA Sophomore Senator are Denine Hurtault and Kaunda Williams.
Both Lisa Marie-Hodge and DeWein Pelle are campaigning for the office of SGA Junior Senator.
If elected to serve in that position, Pelle plans to increase campus engagement/activities; foster UVI-related projects to better the Virgin Islands community; increase students’ academic performance; and facilitate student internships (career productivity and readiness).
Hodge’s catch line is “Let her voice be the change you wish to see! Vote for progress and equality!” 
	The lone candidate for senior senator is Tonecia Rogers.   
	SGA hopefuls have been seen around campus familiarizing themselves with students in meet-and-greet sessions inside the classrooms, at the library, at the cafeteria, in the hallways, and in dormitories.
	Two students – Hakim Potter and Devon Williams – are each hoping to be elected as Student Representative to the Board of Trustees.
	Potter describes himself as “a student who is not afraid to speak up; a student who believes in equality” and he is asking his peers to “let him be your voice.” 
On Tuesday night, SGA aspirants will officially launch their platforms before the student population at a “Meet the Candidates” forum scheduled for 7 at the West Hall Conference Room.
	Election Day is slated for Thursday April, 15. There will be two polling stations – juniors and seniors will cast their votes at the library (upper campus), while freshmen and sophomores will be balloting at the CA building (lower campus). Polls open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.
DeWein Pelle, candidate for SGA Junior Senator, handing out campaign flyers to students in the hallway just outside the office of the Center for Student Success. Photo by CORLISS SMITHEN.

DeWein Pelle, candidate for SGA Junior Senator, handing out campaign flyers to students in the hallway just outside the office of the Center for Student Success. Photo by CORLISS SMITHEN

SGA Campaigning Moves into High Gear

CORLISS SMITHEN | ST. THOMAS – The campaign for Student Government Association positions has reached a fever pitch in recent days. With barely one week left before poll day, candidates vying for seats on the SGA board are pulling out all the stops to distinguish themselves from their rivals.  Seven positions are up for grabs…

Bombarded by work

Freshman Fears

KIANA JOHN-BAPTISTE | St. THOMAS- Transitioning from high school to college may be a breeze for some, but for others, it may become quite the headache. Shaquan Lewis, an 18-year-old accounting major, thought that “making friends and keeping up with the work load would be the most difficult things to get used to.” In the high…

Chris Garder addresses scores of male-students at UVI's 2015 Man-Up Male Empowerment Conference.
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Chris Gardner Urges Students to Stick to Plan ‘A’

CORLISS SMITHEN | THOMAS, V.I. – A hush fell over the University of the Virgin Islands’ Sports and Fitness Center when Chris Gardner’s deep, baritone voice resonated across the room. Gardner, a noted author and philanthropist, was the featured guest speaker on Tuesday at this year’s 5th annual Man-Up Conference held under the theme, “Awakening…


Safety and Security Measures at UVI

Karine Cox | ST.CROIX- The University of the Virgin Islands has implemented new safety and security measures such as the electronic gate and parking plan to improve the day-to-day operations on campus. The safety and security of UVI students, faculty and staff is a fundamental concern. The Security Department on the UVI campus works around…


850 Future Leaders Attend 2015 Man Up Conference

Zoe Walker | ST.CROIX- The young men of the local high schools came out by the busloads, to participate in the fifth annual Man- Up Male Empowerment Conference, Wednesday, Feb. 11 on the Albert A. Sheen Campus grounds. The conference, hosted by the University of the Virgin Islands, the V.I. Education Department and V.I Human…

Chris Lockhart

New and Improved Buccaneers Fall Short to Sacred Heart

Gerald Bellot | ST. THOMAS –The University of the Virgin Islands men’s basketball team traveled to San Juan, Puerto on Jan. 31 to play their second conference game against the University of Puerto Rico’s team, Sacred Heart. The UVI Bucs look to better their record (1-0) on the road against a team that outmatched them…

The Black History Month display at Counselling and Career Services

Black History Month at HBCU: Is UVI Living Up to the Hype?

ARIGE SHROUF | ST. CROIX— Black History Month at a Historically Black University should be a grand event, but many students feel the University of the Virgin Islands is not doing enough to acknowledge the importance of the tradition this year. UVI students acknowledge the importance of Black History Month to them and to our community. Even…

Antonio Cruz performing on his Wheel

Talented Students Galore at UVI MIX

MARKIDA SCOTLAND | ST.CROIX — Musicians, magicians, and several other performances created a melting pot of talents Thursday night on the University of the Virgin Islands’ Albert A. Sheen Campus. The student government association hosted a free event called “UVI Mix” in order to welcome the UVI community for the new semester. “We also wanted…

Textbook VS Tablet

Old vs. New: The Tablet vs. The Textbook

By Shani Isaac As fall arrives, so does the process of preparing for college courses. One of the many ways in which college students prepare for the year ahead of them is by purchasing textbooks in order to succeed in their courses, while trying not to break the bank. The year of 2014 marks the…