Miss UVI Captures The Crown of Miss NBCA Hall of Fame Queens Pageant

BRIEF SAMECA HENDRICKSON | ST THOMAS –  After competing in poise, talent, image, and personal/private interview, Elisa M. Thomas, Miss UVI 2014-2015, captured the prestigious title of Miss NBCA Hall of Fame Queens Pageant. Thomas vied for title among 29 other HBCU royalty in Atlanta, Georgia on September 24-28. University faculty and staff, students and well wishers…

By درفش کاویانی (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Homeless in paradise

Many are without a home in paradise SHARI CHRYSS ALFRED| ST. THOMAS – Take a drive through downtown Charlotte Amalie and you’ll be amazed by the numerous historical monuments you’ll find within feet of each other. What is not so amazing are the vagrants that call these landmarks home. For years the Emancipation Garden and…

Hanley receives academic award at Student Athletes Luncheon
Photo Credit: Lario Duzanson

CROSSING THE FINISH LINE: On the track and in the classroom

For UVI student Jared Hanley, keeping his grades up is as equally important as training for track meets. SHARI CHRYSS ALFRED| ST. THOMAS — Rain or shine, if you’re ever near the University of the Virgin Islands, be sure to take a glimpse at the field located near the entrance of the university and you…


Role Models

 Some good, Some Bad, All Influential SHANI ISAAC| ST.CROIX – The actions of our children can be influenced by the environment in which they were raised. If they were raised in an unstable, unsafe environment, they are prone to be suspicious, angry, and even violent. A role model, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is…

A banner announcing the upcoming spring olympics was taken down after the Spring Olympics were canceled.
Photo Credit: Augustus Laurencin Jr.

Spring Olympics Canceled

After facing setbacks, the Sports Committee postpones the Spring Olympics AUGUSTUS LAURENCIN JR.| ST. CROIX – University of the Virgin Islands’ Student Activities Supervisor Hedda Finch-Simpson recently announced that this year’s Spring Olympics was pushed back to April 25. Though the annual event was previously scheduled for March 21, the St.Croix Sports Committee had multiple…

Pop culture took precedence over more pressing matters as Central High School suffered from a mysterious odor.
Photo Credit: Shani Isaac

What’s that smell

We’re having a really big sewage issue SHANI ISAAC| Community members believed the mysterious odor plaguing Central High School came from Hovensa or Diageo, but many were unaware that the true problem lay underground.

Photo Caption: University of the Virgin Islands 2014 basketball team. 
Photo Credit: UVI Athletics

Buccaneers Male Basketball Team

UVI’s male basketball team let down fans and coaches with a 10-game losing streak in the 2014 basketball season SHARI CHRYSS ALFRED| ST. THOMAS- School spirit remains low as the University of the Virgin Islands’ male basketball team ended the season losing all of the 10 games played. With a team of only eight players,…

UVI's Access and Enrollment Staff Showcasing their UVI Pride.

Proud We Are

Students from both campuses celebrate UVI Pride Day Sameca Hendrickson| ST. THOMAS – On March 28,  both University of the Virgin Islands’ campuses flourished with students, faculty, staff and alumni sporting the university’s paraphernalia. The festivity dubbed Pride Day was chosen to take place in March to signify the university’s Charter Day. Implementing Pride Day, the…

Parking Plan

University Enforces New Parking System

As UVI enforces new parking system, students and faculty adjust to plan RIKA RODRIGUEZ| ST. THOMAS- As the spring semester ends, many students and faculty members were adjusting to the parking plan that was approved in June of 2013 by the University of the Virgin Islands Board of Trustees. The UVI Parking Advisory Committee (UPAC)…